Sunday, December 20, 2009

prohibition in the 21st century

Photo of Norse Quad at University of Colorado @ Boulder. April 20th celebration (4/20) Smoke from thousands of students seen hovering above crowd at 4:20 PM

DEA seen after a drug bust in CA, plants are taken as evidence and later destroyed due to federal law banning Cannabis Sativa.

Graph of the number of Americans put in jail. A lot of people are given criminal records.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hemp video

Thursday, November 19, 2009

To check out about marijuana

Some things to check out for more marijuana information:

Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Heror

Marijuana is Safer

The Union Podcast

NORML Podcast


The Spoof

Being a young adult I have little experience when it comes to many of societies problems. But I have had a decent education and an understanding that others may have different beliefs. What I cannot stand is people who know they are wrong, yet continue the same and waste energy endorsing and enforcing failed ways. Perhaps just as bad are people who know somethings are wrong, but are scared to act because it is against the status quo.
We have an ego problem in this country and it's not only people that won't belief facts. It's also the people who know the facts yet do nothing. If you do a five minute read up about marijuana (cannabis sativa) you will see actual documented facts. It's safer than alcohol yet the punishment for use could get me in serious trouble. Even if I'm sick? And everyone goes along with it. It's like alcohol prohibition all over again, behind closed doors and no regulation with high profit motives. And again just like prohibition everyone can get it, but you don't always know what your getting and you get in trouble if caught. Yet again the public, the guy in the middle gets the most fucked over. Yet again he has to deal with an illegal market that inflates the prices; today where 1 gram costs $15 for decent product. With prohibition, you might get whiskey, when all you wanted was a beer or two. Same thing today.

The spoof is that we have accepted the level of prohibition that if you want it changed to a legal regulated industry with stock options and CEO's and job creation and trickle down side industry with beautiful California grown landscapes and tourism, you need a president with balls. Look at FDR. I don't condone excessive drinking, its annoying to others and your likely to get sick or urinate anywhere you please without fear of the consequences. But I tolerate its moderate use, because I know that the alternatives to what we have in place right now are much worse than it is. Rather than armed thugs trafficking an illegal shipment of whiskey barrels from Canada to the US, we have a Crown Royal truck with a decent truck driver who has to stop at the weigh station and have his truck checked at the border. They even have the damn things go through a x-ray machine! And it goes to a store, with workers and customers, and money is earned and spent, all the while taxes are being made (income tax from workers salary, sales tax from customers purchase) for the government to waste on outlawing a plant less harmful to society than the alcohol being sold. Welcome to the Twilight Zone...! Tonights episode The Spoof!

And of course if you want legalization, your a stoner! If you wanted alcohol legal during prohibition, were you a boozer? or an alcoholic? Possibly, that could be true. Some people that want weed legal are stoners; exactly the stereotype you can think of. But are they a harm to you? Maybe they clog your Taco Bell line (hehe) Perhaps they have the "munchies" (LOL!) Or perhaps everyone freaking does it and maybe you shouldn't give such a shit about a policy created by racist bureaucrats who only cared about keeping their budget high and lied to the entire country through a misinformation campaign fueled with racism that is on par with Nazi Germany of WW2.

The worst part of all is that everyone goes along with it, but most know it isn't true. The objective of this project is to explain without question that marijuana should be legal in this country and to not do so will be looked at as stupid. On the same level as making alcohol illegal, without the harmful health problems that can be attributed.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Questions to police officers

A few questions I'd like to ask police officers whose job is to enforce the law.

Who is more difficult to arrest, someone who is high or someone who is drunk? Why?

On average, how much of your time is spent arresting someone when they are charged with marijuana possession? Half an hour? More?

Have you ever encountered a person who was in an assault and had been smoking marijuana and not doing any other substances?

How much of your time is spent dealing with marijuana related crimes? Would you classify the typical pot smoker a threat to society, besides their marijuana consumption?

How would the illegal marijuana market maintain itself if marijuana were regulated? Why wouldn't it be like when alcohol prohibition ended?

Of the total yearly arrests, what percentage do marijuana related offenses account for? Is their additional funding to combat the marijuana problem?

Would you support a treatment system for marijuana abusers, but tolerate casual users, similar to alcohol programs in place?

How many calls a year does the police department receive regarding marijuana deaths? alcohol?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Section about the state of California and the history of cannabis going back to 1996 passing of medical marijuana bill.

- medical marijuana (dispensaries) - over 800 in LA county - DEA action
- Oaksterdam University in Oakland
- Humbolte County
- Hearst Castle -Neptune pool - gold indoor pool
- Coachella - Phish Concert Halloween 2009
- National Forest illegal grow sites
- Natural disasters in CA - forest fires - landslides from rainfall

For the new comers (because you don't do illegal things...)

Section is information for new people to weed. Basically "Marijuana for Dummies" section of powerpoint.

- the plant (Cannabis Sativa)-> flowers (bud) THC = stoned
- substance itself (THC) and other stuff like cannabinoids
- one gram is all you need (not chainsmoking like tobacco smokers)
- bring on the metric system (3.5 grams = 1/8th Oz.)
- how to smoke - joint (cigarette), blunt (cigar rapper), pipe, bong, gravity bong, vaporizer (volcano, iolite), bubbler, one-hitter

My own experience

My own experiences with cannabis sativa, black market entrepreneurs, and prohibition "treatment" programs.

- first exposure to herb (junior high - high school)
- growing my own stuff (illegal gardening?)
- "working out got me in trouble" - paraphernalia citation
- no lawyer, no problem -> 18 months supervised probation w/ drug group
- meeting with probation officer - accused of crushing ADD medication
- drug group -> $20 a week, random piss tests, 17 stoners, 2 cocaine users, 1 poor looking Meth addict
-everyone goes out to smoke cigarettes at break - next to Los Favoritos
- contributing to wasteful government spending and bureaucracy of prohibition

Monday, November 9, 2009

Prohibition then and now

Comparing alcohol prohibition to marijuana prohibition

Law enforcement
- Breaking alcohol bottles
- DEA flying helicopters with weed plants in tow

Powerful criminals
-Al Capone
- Billionaire mexican drug lord (listed on forbes richest people on earth)

American public stuck in the middle
unsure about the product
-Moonshine (blindness)
-laced weed (PCP) - weighted down with glass (dangerous to inhale)

No criminal free form of treatment
- Alcoholics are criminals
- Marijuana smokers are criminals

Trafficing of substance
-Running canadian whiskey over frozen great lakes
-driving weed over border with faulty container trucks

Bogging down the courts
- People charged with alcohol possession/consumption under alcohol prohibition
- People charged with marijuana possession/consumption, paraphernalia

Jury Nullification
- When a jury finds that a law is outdated and the penalties that go with the law are far too draconian for the public good. (alcohol prohibition)

The obama situation

Thinking of having "Eye of the tiger" playing in back ground
-George W. Bushes policies
-2008 election - obama talking about decriminalization of weed
- Obama FTW
- Open for questions online poll (#1 question was legalizing weed)
- Online town meeting (#1 question again was legalizing weed) - Obamas laughing response - notice the audience - no major coverage by major news outlets (kill music)

- Drug czar - Gil Kilacouski - legalization not in his or presidents vocabulary (video)
- 2009 - Federal government will not go over state law for medical marijuana
- October 2009 - Federal government will not go after medical marijuana patients and dispensaries (as long as they have no illegal ties)

what am I missing?

Aerial Map of ASU (locations around campus)

Feel free to comment or add to this section.

This section will have an aerial map of Arizona State and the surrounding main streets. It will show the audience how close in the vicinity to the university various stores and establishments are. Probably a google earth map and the stores will pop up on with a graphic flying to their location. The campus will be labeled and a border will surround the Tempe campus.

To be highlighted on top of the map
-liquor stores around campus (especially Jerry's)
- Headshops around campus - waterpiper (bongs) -> drug paraphernalia
- bars - as many as possible (all card ID's for 21 and up)
- bar tending schools

ASU experience - pot at America's largest university

Feel free to add to this section or leave a comment. Especially those who go to ASU.

-Mill Avenue - bar district, alcohol consumption at its greatest and most legal venues. (Video of Mill and interview peoples, legal drinking age crowd)
-Party school (ranking in Playboy Magazine) - underage binge drinking - tailgating at football games
-penalties for underage alcohol consumption by ASU students, on campus - off campus
-obtaining alcohol - Jerry's drive-thru, CVS pharmacy, Safeway (having beer pong supplies at the entrance)
-Beer pong (beirut to the northeast US crowd) - drinking game - threat of swine flu
-drinking in the dorms - residence hall advisor (RA's) - citation for drinking
- smoking in the dorms - ASU police - class 6 felony - expulsion from the dorms, possible

War on (Some) Drugs

Section detailing the war on drugs, mainly focuses on marijuana. feel free to post a comment or add to the section.

- Millions arrested since first implementation in the 1970's
- Billions spent on law enforcement and prohibition policies
- D.A.R.E. program, "just say no"
- Anti-pot commercials -> dogs doesn't like pot
- Above the influence campaign -> Above the ignorance counter-campaign (commonsense)
- DEA website about the "dangers" of weed - pot safari online video

History slides

Start of history slides, feel free to add comments, or additions to section

Cannabis Sativa
- Origins - China/ India
- In the US - founding fathers, usage by settlers, laws forces ppl to grow, USS constitution (over 60 tons of hemp)
- First billion dollar crop (popular mechanics article about hemp)
-Hearst, Anslinger, Dupont and the demonizing of cannabis (start of marijuana prohibition and ignorance)

-Benjamin Franklin
- first paper press, printed hemp paper.
- the guy flew a kite during a thunderstorm (use pic)
- theorized day light savings, bifocals, and electricity
- beer quote

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spoof Powerpoint presentation Outline draft

The following is the outline for the Spoof powerpoint and each of the underlined subjects will be at least one slide of information. The order is not yet established but all information is to be inputted then edited to format the powerpoint slides so that the information not only informs the view but grips the attention as to the importance of the material and maintains a continuous flow that leaves little doubt that the right thing to do, objectively speaking, is to legalize marijuana. Where it says (pic) there should be a picture added to that slide. There will be many pictures added to every slide, not only the slides one that have (pic).
– A paradigm shift is needed…
About myself
– about how I like to smoke and why I am making the PowerPoint?

-China/India origins of the plant
-US – George Washington, founding fathers, USS Constitution
-Benjamin Franklin
- $100 bill guy
- first paper press (hemp)
- the guy flew a kite in a thunderstorm (he was on something) (pic)
- created daylight savings
An Inconvenient Spoof
-About the plant (properties, effects, types, cultivation)
- Sister plant Hemp (The G.I. Joe is to hemp, as Barbie is to marijuana. As humans are to cannabis sativa)
-A little history (usage by humans, usage in history, criminalization…)
- The 60’s (Free-love, Anti-war movement, Nixon, DEA and the War on Drugs, counter-culture…)
-Reagan Era – (Just Say No…Most dangerous drug)
-90’s (Clinton “Didn’t Inhale”, D.A.R.E. program, RICO laws…)
-The consequences, in the states and other countries
-States that allow Cannabis (Medicinal, Decriminalized…)
-Barack Obama (Usage as a teen, admittance, war on drugs is a failure, online voting forum, online town hall…)
-Effects of cannabis on the system (effects, restrictions/history, and current use (Vaporizers)).
-Effects of alcohol… (Effects, restrictions/history, current use)
-Amsterdam (legal use of cannabis in coffeeshops, pros/cons, effect on the public…)
-Current situation
-California – Medicinal since ’96, dispensaries, Federal DEA crackdown, Humbolt county, Govern-ator Arnold “Time for a debate…”, paradigm shift.
-Federal laws – House Resolutions…

-Scientific studies (Shaffer Report… Marijuana deaths)
-The money (Good stuff) Issue #1 (Where is it going? Why? Where could the money go to?)
- Uses for this plant (Cannabis, the psychoactive THC and the benign Hemp plant…)
-Who would lose? (Not the consumer…)
-A better future (Things I have learned through use and research…)
-Credits (Pictures with text at sides, playing Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Sublime, Pepper, and Tom Petty…)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Numbers

72 - years of prohibition (Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 - start of marijuana prohibition)
16 - months of probation I recieved for getting caught with a pipe
17 - age I started smoking weed (21 now)
12 - age I started drinking alcohol
0 - number of deaths from smoking marijuana, ever...
over 800,000 - number of arrests in the US last year for marijuana related offenses
20,000,000 - number of people who's lives have been affected from marijuana convictions

My reason for the Spoof project (contains profanity)

I am a humorous person, I like to laugh and make others laugh. It makes you feel good. I am honest, and do not lie (often). I look at the world in a practical way, I do not trust strangers, and neither should you. So let me introduce myself, Mike Flannery age 21 and a senior in college. I am a tall white american male and seek peace with all, unless they want an ass kicking. I listen to people when they talk, and don't bullshit. So I won't with you. I am creating this project with the objective of getting Cannabis Sativa legally allowed for adult useage. Basically I want to get weed(marijuana) legalized so I and millions like me can legally inhale a nonlethal substance that makes me feel good (smoking weed). A few other things that make me feel good: sunsets on the beach, spree candy bars, views from the top of mountains, beers at a bbq, playing violent video games... average shit. I'm not a criminal, but I get treated like one. I call this a project because I can only hope it goes somewhere, as a nonfiction, no bullshit analysis of how our 70 year old prohibition has failed, how it has effected my life and others, and how the facts support legalizing marijuana. Not only for smoking, but to save the planet, primarily by using hemp for sustainable building and making cheap guilt-free paper.