Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Spoof

Being a young adult I have little experience when it comes to many of societies problems. But I have had a decent education and an understanding that others may have different beliefs. What I cannot stand is people who know they are wrong, yet continue the same and waste energy endorsing and enforcing failed ways. Perhaps just as bad are people who know somethings are wrong, but are scared to act because it is against the status quo.
We have an ego problem in this country and it's not only people that won't belief facts. It's also the people who know the facts yet do nothing. If you do a five minute read up about marijuana (cannabis sativa) you will see actual documented facts. It's safer than alcohol yet the punishment for use could get me in serious trouble. Even if I'm sick? And everyone goes along with it. It's like alcohol prohibition all over again, behind closed doors and no regulation with high profit motives. And again just like prohibition everyone can get it, but you don't always know what your getting and you get in trouble if caught. Yet again the public, the guy in the middle gets the most fucked over. Yet again he has to deal with an illegal market that inflates the prices; today where 1 gram costs $15 for decent product. With prohibition, you might get whiskey, when all you wanted was a beer or two. Same thing today.

The spoof is that we have accepted the level of prohibition that if you want it changed to a legal regulated industry with stock options and CEO's and job creation and trickle down side industry with beautiful California grown landscapes and tourism, you need a president with balls. Look at FDR. I don't condone excessive drinking, its annoying to others and your likely to get sick or urinate anywhere you please without fear of the consequences. But I tolerate its moderate use, because I know that the alternatives to what we have in place right now are much worse than it is. Rather than armed thugs trafficking an illegal shipment of whiskey barrels from Canada to the US, we have a Crown Royal truck with a decent truck driver who has to stop at the weigh station and have his truck checked at the border. They even have the damn things go through a x-ray machine! And it goes to a store, with workers and customers, and money is earned and spent, all the while taxes are being made (income tax from workers salary, sales tax from customers purchase) for the government to waste on outlawing a plant less harmful to society than the alcohol being sold. Welcome to the Twilight Zone...! Tonights episode The Spoof!

And of course if you want legalization, your a stoner! If you wanted alcohol legal during prohibition, were you a boozer? or an alcoholic? Possibly, that could be true. Some people that want weed legal are stoners; exactly the stereotype you can think of. But are they a harm to you? Maybe they clog your Taco Bell line (hehe) Perhaps they have the "munchies" (LOL!) Or perhaps everyone freaking does it and maybe you shouldn't give such a shit about a policy created by racist bureaucrats who only cared about keeping their budget high and lied to the entire country through a misinformation campaign fueled with racism that is on par with Nazi Germany of WW2.

The worst part of all is that everyone goes along with it, but most know it isn't true. The objective of this project is to explain without question that marijuana should be legal in this country and to not do so will be looked at as stupid. On the same level as making alcohol illegal, without the harmful health problems that can be attributed.

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