Monday, November 9, 2009

Prohibition then and now

Comparing alcohol prohibition to marijuana prohibition

Law enforcement
- Breaking alcohol bottles
- DEA flying helicopters with weed plants in tow

Powerful criminals
-Al Capone
- Billionaire mexican drug lord (listed on forbes richest people on earth)

American public stuck in the middle
unsure about the product
-Moonshine (blindness)
-laced weed (PCP) - weighted down with glass (dangerous to inhale)

No criminal free form of treatment
- Alcoholics are criminals
- Marijuana smokers are criminals

Trafficing of substance
-Running canadian whiskey over frozen great lakes
-driving weed over border with faulty container trucks

Bogging down the courts
- People charged with alcohol possession/consumption under alcohol prohibition
- People charged with marijuana possession/consumption, paraphernalia

Jury Nullification
- When a jury finds that a law is outdated and the penalties that go with the law are far too draconian for the public good. (alcohol prohibition)

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