Sunday, November 15, 2009

Questions to police officers

A few questions I'd like to ask police officers whose job is to enforce the law.

Who is more difficult to arrest, someone who is high or someone who is drunk? Why?

On average, how much of your time is spent arresting someone when they are charged with marijuana possession? Half an hour? More?

Have you ever encountered a person who was in an assault and had been smoking marijuana and not doing any other substances?

How much of your time is spent dealing with marijuana related crimes? Would you classify the typical pot smoker a threat to society, besides their marijuana consumption?

How would the illegal marijuana market maintain itself if marijuana were regulated? Why wouldn't it be like when alcohol prohibition ended?

Of the total yearly arrests, what percentage do marijuana related offenses account for? Is their additional funding to combat the marijuana problem?

Would you support a treatment system for marijuana abusers, but tolerate casual users, similar to alcohol programs in place?

How many calls a year does the police department receive regarding marijuana deaths? alcohol?

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