Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spoof Powerpoint presentation Outline draft

The following is the outline for the Spoof powerpoint and each of the underlined subjects will be at least one slide of information. The order is not yet established but all information is to be inputted then edited to format the powerpoint slides so that the information not only informs the view but grips the attention as to the importance of the material and maintains a continuous flow that leaves little doubt that the right thing to do, objectively speaking, is to legalize marijuana. Where it says (pic) there should be a picture added to that slide. There will be many pictures added to every slide, not only the slides one that have (pic).
– A paradigm shift is needed…
About myself
– about how I like to smoke and why I am making the PowerPoint?

-China/India origins of the plant
-US – George Washington, founding fathers, USS Constitution
-Benjamin Franklin
- $100 bill guy
- first paper press (hemp)
- the guy flew a kite in a thunderstorm (he was on something) (pic)
- created daylight savings
An Inconvenient Spoof
-About the plant (properties, effects, types, cultivation)
- Sister plant Hemp (The G.I. Joe is to hemp, as Barbie is to marijuana. As humans are to cannabis sativa)
-A little history (usage by humans, usage in history, criminalization…)
- The 60’s (Free-love, Anti-war movement, Nixon, DEA and the War on Drugs, counter-culture…)
-Reagan Era – (Just Say No…Most dangerous drug)
-90’s (Clinton “Didn’t Inhale”, D.A.R.E. program, RICO laws…)
-The consequences, in the states and other countries
-States that allow Cannabis (Medicinal, Decriminalized…)
-Barack Obama (Usage as a teen, admittance, war on drugs is a failure, online voting forum, online town hall…)
-Effects of cannabis on the system (effects, restrictions/history, and current use (Vaporizers)).
-Effects of alcohol… (Effects, restrictions/history, current use)
-Amsterdam (legal use of cannabis in coffeeshops, pros/cons, effect on the public…)
-Current situation
-California – Medicinal since ’96, dispensaries, Federal DEA crackdown, Humbolt county, Govern-ator Arnold “Time for a debate…”, paradigm shift.
-Federal laws – House Resolutions…

-Scientific studies (Shaffer Report… Marijuana deaths)
-The money (Good stuff) Issue #1 (Where is it going? Why? Where could the money go to?)
- Uses for this plant (Cannabis, the psychoactive THC and the benign Hemp plant…)
-Who would lose? (Not the consumer…)
-A better future (Things I have learned through use and research…)
-Credits (Pictures with text at sides, playing Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Sublime, Pepper, and Tom Petty…)

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