Monday, November 9, 2009

ASU experience - pot at America's largest university

Feel free to add to this section or leave a comment. Especially those who go to ASU.

-Mill Avenue - bar district, alcohol consumption at its greatest and most legal venues. (Video of Mill and interview peoples, legal drinking age crowd)
-Party school (ranking in Playboy Magazine) - underage binge drinking - tailgating at football games
-penalties for underage alcohol consumption by ASU students, on campus - off campus
-obtaining alcohol - Jerry's drive-thru, CVS pharmacy, Safeway (having beer pong supplies at the entrance)
-Beer pong (beirut to the northeast US crowd) - drinking game - threat of swine flu
-drinking in the dorms - residence hall advisor (RA's) - citation for drinking
- smoking in the dorms - ASU police - class 6 felony - expulsion from the dorms, possible

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