Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My reason for the Spoof project (contains profanity)

I am a humorous person, I like to laugh and make others laugh. It makes you feel good. I am honest, and do not lie (often). I look at the world in a practical way, I do not trust strangers, and neither should you. So let me introduce myself, Mike Flannery age 21 and a senior in college. I am a tall white american male and seek peace with all, unless they want an ass kicking. I listen to people when they talk, and don't bullshit. So I won't with you. I am creating this project with the objective of getting Cannabis Sativa legally allowed for adult useage. Basically I want to get weed(marijuana) legalized so I and millions like me can legally inhale a nonlethal substance that makes me feel good (smoking weed). A few other things that make me feel good: sunsets on the beach, spree candy bars, views from the top of mountains, beers at a bbq, playing violent video games... average shit. I'm not a criminal, but I get treated like one. I call this a project because I can only hope it goes somewhere, as a nonfiction, no bullshit analysis of how our 70 year old prohibition has failed, how it has effected my life and others, and how the facts support legalizing marijuana. Not only for smoking, but to save the planet, primarily by using hemp for sustainable building and making cheap guilt-free paper.

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